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Bible memorization according to some scholars is said to be absolutely fundamental to spiritual formation of every believer in Christ. Considering the fact that God never sent down any book from heaven, but he sent the bible (his words) as guidance for mankind as a whole. This stresses the fact that knowing the words is more important than having a bible. That touches in brief for anyone who can reason in-depth; the reason why the words of the scripture has to be imbibed into our memory as Christians.
What make us act the way we do?
A good look at this question and an objective answer to it will certainly shed more light on the importance of memorizing the scripture.
As Christians, we as expected to live according to the scripture, and putting this in reference of how the human brain works. we cannot afford as Christians to be without our bible even if we aren’t carrying anything. As humans, we have a spontaneous brain which works and acts on injected information. The human nature
Getting scripture into memory will go a long way in helping us form a Christ like life. The way the human mid work is one factor that has made it needful for the scripture to be memorized if it truly is the way of life we intend to use. The human mind acts on first-hand information it gets from the memory and having the bible as that first-hand information is priceless.
The ease of memorizing the scripture is a case of different strokes for different folks; it is majorly subject to the retentive capacity of whoever is in question. Retentive capacity is certainly a very important factor, but other important factors include; commitment towards the course of memorizing the scripture, zeal and required guidance on the best models of memorizing the Scripture are among factors that aid this process.
This E-book offers you OVER 150 bible verses from thousands of the important verses of the scripture to memorize them have been sorted according to their individual or collective message. Enjoy!

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