Body Language: How to Use It to Achieve Success

J.D. Rockefeller's Book Club


We have all been in situations where we just didn’t believe what the other person was saying. We knew that the person in front of us was lying. We knew that he just did not know what he was talking about. We knew that something was just not right about this person, or with what they were saying.
This is where we often pick non-verbal signals and use it to gain a more accurate picture of the situation or the individual, which wouldn’t be possible if we were completely reliant on verbal communication. This is what body language is all about.
Body language constitutes about 50% of our overall communication. This non-verbal communication is responsible for our success in interviews, presentations, and all our social interactions. Furthermore, if we are adept at reading the body language of our clients, interviewee’s, or any other person we are interacting with, we can easily modify our approach to the situation to achieve more success.
There is often a difference between the words that people speak and their non-verbal communication. So, it pays to learn about body language. Just by being more aware of certain signs and signals, we can understand people in a better manner and communicate in a more effective way.
In this guide, we will learn more about body language. How we can use it to effectively communicate with others. How we can read the non-verbal signals of others to make a more informed decision based on good judgment.

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