Chakra Healing Test: Which Chakras Do You Need to Balance

J.D. Rockefeller's Book Club


The Sanskrit word chakra means wheel or circle. These are the energy centers in your subtle or non-physical body. The chakras are responsible for making sure that energy flows smoothly through your subtle body, and a good flow of energy strengthens your aura.
A weak aura is a sign of blockages in one or more chakras and this means that energy or Prana or Chi is not flowing smoothly in your subtle body. This causes physical ailments, mental disturbances, emotional upheavals and spiritual disconnectedness.

If any of your chakras is blocked or out-of-balance, you should work at balancing or healing them as soon as possible. The longer you ignore these imbalanced chakras, the more damage they will cause.

But the important question is, “how do you identify which of your chakras is imbalanced and needs healing”. There is help at hand right here. Just take the following test, consult the scoring key, interpret your scores, and find out which of your chakras need healing.

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