El Chapo Guzman's Escape From a Maximum Security Prison in 2015

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On July 11, 2015, El Chapo Guzman managed to escape from a maximum security prison, Federal Social Readaptation Center. After getting medical attention, cameras last spotted Guzman at 20:52 close to the shower area which was the only part of his cell not under surveillance from the cameras. After guards failed to spot him through the cameras for 18 minutes, an alert was sent at 21:10 and personnel started looking for him. After reaching his cell, he was gone. It was later discovered that he managed to escape through a dug up tunnel leading from his shower area to a construction site located 0.93 miles from the Santa Juanita neighborhood. The tunnel was 10m underground and Guzman had used a ladder to climb down. The tunnel was 5.7 ft in height and 29.5 wide. It had air ducts, artificial lights and was also constructed from quality materials. In addition, guards found a motorcycle in the tunnel leading authorities to believe that he used it to transport materials and himself. Learn more about this fascinating escape as well as El Chapo's beginnings, his previous arrest and why Mexican police believe they are certain to recapture him.

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