Jodi Arias: The Real Story Behind Travis Alexander's Murder

J.D. Rockefeller's Book Club


The occurrence of Jodi Arias case has been once and constantly becoming the public’s point of interest. A love story with tragic ending - a lover who was accused (testified) for killing her boyfriend and was later on held out guilty by a single juror and was sentenced to life imprisonment. However, the previous trial which put the accused into anticipated life imprisonment is currently being questioned by a juror who claimed an untold story of the case. Is Jodi Arias really responsible for her boyfriend’s death? Does the evidence gathered speak for the entire incidence? Or is there another story waiting to be unveiled that will lighten Jodi’s sentence?
Let’s take a look at a different side of this common yet one-of-a kind murder case which has gotten the interest of the people and attention of media in USA. Find out who Jodi is and her journey which lead her into prison. Is the sentence given judicious or a bit exaggerated? Is everything that the court need to know revealed or was it just a part of the big picture? Find out some interesting issues about Jodi’s conviction. The revelation of the hidden pieces needed to complete the puzzle is gradually catching the attention of the masses, again.

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