Kanye West

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How do you define a real artist? Is being a good singer, actor or dancer enough? Talent is either innate or enhanced through constant practice, and it is one of the requirements to become a certified artist. However, the ability to touch other people’s lives, influence them through your acts and be able to change in the society is something worthy of praise, recognition and of course admiration from millions of people. One great example of this kind of artists is Kanye West, who has contributed to the world of hip hop. He is a kind of artist that pursues whatever he thinks is best for the art and music industry. Through his unique sound and style of music, he is considered one of the most admired, popular and influential people in the industry. Kanye West is known for being full of contradictions. He is materialistic but religious, arrogant or big headed but self-deprecating. And he is remarkably rude but also sensitive. Despite some of his negative aspects or attributes as a person, people still see him as a person with a good side, which even makes him more worthy of admiration. Instead of sublimating those conflicts, he shows them off through his music!

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