Learn Mindfulness The Easy Way

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If you just finished your favourite snack bar while working on your office desk without even knowing how it tasted, this guide is meant for you.
What some people call multi-tasking is usually “mindlessness”. You are eating your meal while checking your email and you are exercising while talking on the phone. You may think you are doing two things at a time, but actually you are not because you are ignoring one activity for the sake of other and you are not giving your full attention to any of the two activities.
The result is as expected. You don’t get the most out of both the activities. Eating while doing your work interferes in digestion and you begin to suffer from various health issues. Since you do not give your full attention to the work, you tend to make mistakes and miss out on important points. So, you compromise your health and you also perform mediocre work.
In fact, your life just goes by and you don’t even know what happened to all those years!
So, what is the solution here? The solution is to replace mindlessness with mindfulness. This will not only have a positive effect on your health, but also improve your work performance and relationships.
This guide is meant for those people who would like to improve their health and life in general by practicing mindfulness. So, let’s begin and find out what mindfulness is, how you can practice it during meditation, and how you can introduce it in your daily activities as well.

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