Mastering the Law of Attraction

J.D. Rockefeller's Book Club


You get what you think. Like attracts like. You attract what you focus on. You have probably been hearing these statements again and again in the last two decades. Is it true?
Although it sounds interesting, some skeptics believe that the law of attraction really works. Why shouldn’t it? We always tend to get what we focus on. When we focus on the fact that a job interview is going to be a disaster, it usually does turn into one. When we think about how we are going to panic when we enter the examination hall, the likelihood is that that’s exactly what’s going to happen.
These are experiences that many of us have gone through. As usual, most of us find it easier to remember the negative events and not the positive events. If we focus on something negative and it happens, then we can surely focus on something positive and it will happen too.
This is the general premise of the law of attraction. Made popular by the book “The Secret” and the movie by the same name, the law of attraction is quite simple. It just says that like attracts like. So, if you focus on bad things, you will attract disaster. If you focus on good things, you will attract happiness.
But this is easier said than done. It seems to sound easy, but many people find it difficult when they try to follow this principle. They want something, they focus on the lack of it, and that’s what they get...lack of it. This is where most people tend to go wrong.
The law of attraction is about focusing on abundance and not on lack. So, if you focus on the fact that you already have what you desire, you will get it. But if you focus on the fact that you don’t have something and would like to have it, you never get it.
In that case, how can you use the law of attraction to manifest your desires and your dreams into reality? Many people have been successful in manifesting their desire for money, a soul mate, a house, a great career, and so on and so forth. You can too. Just read this guide that aims to help you understand how you can manifest your desires into reality and where you may go wrong.

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