Retiring Happy: The Ultimate Guide to Freedom and Success After You Retire

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Retiring can be and has to be a happy time. You can take lengthy vacations, create your own schedule and spend the money you’d been saving.
It is true for many retirees, in general, people normally begin their lives happy, only to have their sense of well-being drop in adulthood. There’s no surprise here: Raising a family, working long hours and making future savings are high-stress endeavors.
After you reach 65, although happiness will pick again, not peaking till you reach 85. A recent survey of MONEY readers noted that 48 percent of retirees reported being much happier during retirement than expected, and about 7 percent reported disappointment.
So then how you can ensure and maintain this blissful trend? Financial security can help as well as good health. A recent financial survey noted that 81 percent of retirees noted health as one of the most important elements for a happy retirement. Other triggers are somewhat less obvious. Let’s look at how you can retire blissfully. Let's get started!

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