Simple Guide to Feminization

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This book gives you solid, easy-to-follow instructions, ideas, and useful suggestions on how to quickly and easily achieve a feminine look. It goes over various important feminization tips regarding body hair, choosing your female name, how to properly disguise your private parts, how to enhance your figure for a more curvy look, how to apply makeup, and the importance of feminine hands and feet, etc.


“Great feminization tips. I’m a busy executive, so this is really valuable advise that is to the point and easy to apply” –Crystal Sugar

“Easy things we can all do. Mistress Dede is right on and her advice is priceless” – Queen Dee

“It has definitely helped me to stay on track when going over my feminization routine” –Foxy

“Easy read. Right to the point. It also gave me food for thought on several subjects I had not thought about before. So I started implementing those steps and adding them to my daily routine. I can already see a big difference! ” – Will Johnson

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