Sissy Assignments by Sissy Trainer Mistress Dede

J.D. Rockefeller's Book Club

$5.99 $14.99

Have you had an inner desire to dress like a woman or be made to dress like a woman? Do you fantasize about what it would like to slip smooth legs into some silky stockings, hear the click of heels on your feet, and feel breasts fill a beautiful lacy bra wrapped around your chest and back? Oh yes sissy, you know the inner girlie-girl is just dying to come out and play. Indulge “her”, as you learn to become just what you’ve always truly wanted to be, become sexy, feminized and pretty. Feeling a brush of red paint your lips and mascara coat your long, lush eyelashes…. Let that side of you come out, feel the release as you slowly become a complete sissy, as we take you on the sultry journey of a lifetime straight into womanhood. Are you ready, sissy-to-be?

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