Sissy Feminization Academy: Femme Fabulous Part II

J.D. Rockefeller's Book Club

$25.99 $65.99

Welcome to Femme Fabulous Course Two! By purchasing this book, you have already begun your journey into your sissy transformation. Whether a beginner sissy or a full-fledged sissy boi, you know that your training is never ending. Brushing up on your skills is a full time commitment. This shows your devotion and commitment to your Mistress/Master as well as yourself. This book is an investment into your sissy training and should be used as a reference guide whenever needed. In Course Two of your Femme Fabulous training, you will learn some of the final things you need to know about your sissy transformation. After completing this course, you should be able to properly pick out lingerie, how to train your voice to become more feminine, and how to enhance your image through proper etiquette training. You will also learn how to have the proper personal and physical appearance in public. This course will help you complete your training and make you a better-rounded sissy boi. Coming out to family and friends can be a hard process but in this course, you will learn the best possible ways to do so with as little trauma as possible. Once you have completed and mastered the Femme Fabulous Course Two, you will be ready to move onto Divalicious: Course One, where you will learn to take your craft to a whole new level. In the second Divalicious course, you will learn exactly what it takes to be passable in the real world. Whether your goal is to have a complete sissy transformation and live as a full time female or desire to simply be passable when you choose, this is the next course for you.

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