Take Charge of Your Fertility Today!

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Women today want to have it all; they not only want to have their own lives outside of the home and the workplace, but they want a healthy, stable relationship, to excel in their careers, and some also want to become mothers. This change in our cultural outlook, and the expansion of options for women, has led to record numbers of women deciding not to have children at all, or to wait until later in life to get married or to start trying to conceive a child. For those who decide that they want to wait, the options for birth control are many and varied, and while there is certainly nothing wrong with waiting to have children, it can be more difficult for women to conceive the longer that you wait. With more women waiting to conceive, there is a greater need for women to understand their options and for doctors to provide solutions to the problems that these women are facing.

That said, if you are considering waiting to have children, or are getting ready to start trying, you’ll want to get a good idea of how your body and its cycles work, how you can use your body’s natural cycle to help you prevent pregnancy, and also how you can use your body’s cycle to your advantage when trying to conceive. So, let's get started!

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