The Shocking True Story of Ted Bundy: The Most Notorious American Serial Killer of 1970's

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Theodore Robert Bundy, popularly known as Ted Bundy was America’s most notorious serial killer, a necrophilia, rapist, and kidnapper of 1970’s who murdered and assaulted many girls and young women. Shortly before his execution, via electrocution, after over a decade of crime denials, he already confessed to his 30 committed homicides in seven different states between the years of 1974 and 1978. The real count of victim was left unknown, and this could possibly be much higher.
Ted Bundy was viewed as charismatic and handsome by his female victims, which are the traits he exploited in order to completely win their trusts. Bundy, typically approached the victims in public places, pretending to have disability or injury, or personating an authority figure, before assaulting and overpowering them at secluded locations. Ted Bundy even revisits his crime scenes, grooming and performing some sexual acts with decomposing corpses of the victim until the destruction and putrefaction of wild animals made further the interaction impossible. He beheaded 12 known victims and even kept some of the head in his own apartment as mementos for a time period. Sometimes, he just simply broke into the dwelling at night and strikes to death his victims as they are as sleep.
Ted was initially incarcerated in 1975 in Utah for attempted criminal assault and aggravated kidnapping. He became a suspect in progressively longer unsolved list of homicide in different multiple states. When facing his criminal charges in the state of Colorado, he planned 2 dramatic escapes and was able to commit more assaults, including 3 more murders before his 1978 ultimate recapture. Ted Bundy received 3 death sentences in 2 different trials for his Florida homicides.
Ted died via electrocution at the Raidford Prison on the 24th of January 1989. He was described as the very sadistic sociopath who receives pleasure from other people’s pain and suffering as well as the control he had over the victims, until death, and even after. As a matter of fact, Ted called himself as the most cold-hearted son of a bitch you will ever meet. Even his attorney called Ted as the very definition of a heartless evil.

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