The Sissy Captions Project: Sissy Panties

J.D. Rockefeller's Book Club

$8.99 $15.99

Mistress Dede knows your dirty little secret… She knows exactly what you are wearing underneath those yucky man clothes. She knows how sexy and sassy you feel when you wear your frilly satin panties. Mistress Dede knows all about how you just love tucking your man pussy into your pretty pink panties each morning before work. That's why she made this special collection of sissy photo captions especially for all of you panty loving sissies out there. This book is intended to be a fun way to give you as a sissy a glimpse at everything there is to know about panties. It is lighthearted and playful while also giving a few tips and tricks on how to better incorporate the perfect panty into your personal wardrobe.

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