Unveiling the Real Story: The Black Dahlia Murder Case

J.D. Rockefeller's Book Club


Black Dahlia murder case is one of the most unbelievable and famous murder stories in the city rife, and a lot of fame-seekers around the town were claiming her death and wanted to play part of the case. And over years, the number of people who were claiming her brutal death grew into hundreds, and almost all detectives who handled the murder case of Black Dahlia dropped the case shortly.
Elizabeth Short, who is also nicknamed “Black Dahlia”, was brutally murdered in January 15, 1947, with her body cut in two and severely mutilated. Dahlia’s body was found in a vacant lot that is near the intersection of 39th St. and Norton Ave. South Los Angeles, and had no trace of blood in the place of the crime scene. Her death is one of the most publicized murder cases in 1947, but the police and the investigation team have never been able to solve the brutal crime. Up until now, the case of ‘Black Dahlia’ was still considered by many as a mystery, and the question still remains today as to “who really killed her” and “what is the true motive of her murderer.” The Black Dahlia’s murderer was never found, thus, leaving her death as one of the cold case files in L.A.
In this e-book, we will again re-open the case of Black Dahlia and try to decipher the mystery of her brutal death, which remained unsolved up until now. Let’s us discover the secrets and records of her death and trace the untold mystery of her murder case.

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