Who is Tom Brady?: Get your feet on the ground and play football

J.D. Rockefeller's Book Club


Everyone has his/her type of sport that best characterize the talents and skills within the person. Whatever you prefer, when it comes to a recreational activity, it depends on your preferences in a game. But, how do you see yourself playing football when it’s not really your passion and choice of a ball game? It may be difficult for you to visualize it especially when you are not really a football player. Football is one of the national games in US that are anticipated every year. This is a popular ball game across the world that has several names depending on the respective country. There are a number of forms of football, but there is one rule that applies to all kinds – to go for the goal. The main objective in the game is to score by pushing the ball to the court of the opponent and boom! Your team will definitely receive a point. Among the many popular football players who fight for his own league is Tom Brady. He is one of the leading quarterbacks in the National Football League History. Get to know more about him as you will witness his life story.

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